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Brussels is already improving again

Because Brussels keeps growing, we have to anticipate and prepare for the passenger travel of tomorrow. Soon you will enjoy new lines, better connections, shorter travel times and more comfort.

After extensive consultation, the government of the Brussels-Capital Region has approved the new Brussels bus plan. This marks the start of a four-year process that will gradually improve the capital's mobility. The first changes took place in 2018. They continue in 2021.

Consult the plan (March 2021 edition).

Why a new bus plan?

Brussels is a city that is constantly moving and reinventing itself. We have therefore adapted and improved our service to allow you to better move around and enjoy the city.

BXL becomes XXL

Brussels is growing fast. It is therefore necessary to extend the network to new neighbourhoods. And to make connections easier, we will also reduce connections with new services.

Waiting time

The bus plan plans to increase frequencies, reduce expectations and improve connections. In short, the bus plan will allow you to get to your destination faster.


At STIB, we believe that taking public transport must be a philosophy of life and not a constraint. For several years, we have therefore decided to invest in new vehicles that are more pleasant and better equipped.

When? Step by step.

The changes will be spread over several years and will depend on the purchase of new vehicles, the construction of new roads and the development of new neighbourhoods, shops and areas of employment.

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